Kicking Off the Blog With RAGE

I was hoping to kick off the blog portion of this website with something cheery and probably Canada Day related, but something so completely bizarre and rage-inducing just happened, so screw it, we’re reporting on that instead.

So I’m leaving the subway, feeling gross from my work out and just wanting to get home when suddenly this woman runs up to me. I have my headphones in and a can’t really hear her, so I take them off and ask her to repeat herself.


Me, innocently, pre-chaos

“I need to see your bag,” she says urgently.

“My bag? Why?” I respond, quite reasonably I think, considering she was not dressed as a security guard and my response could have been (and probably should have been) no.

Anyways, she then proceeds to grab my bag and starts rummaging through it. I grab it back while swearing up a storm and we play a really crappy game of tug of war over the bag, all while she keeps trying to empty the contents out. She kept saying something about “she said someone stole her <insert something I couldn’t make out over my own rage and swearing here> and you match the description.” Because apparently this woman is the goddamn Batman of stolen goods.


You’d think you’d want to call a security guard or something, but you’d be wrong

I managed to wrestle my bag back and booked it the hell out of there. She didn’t follow me or actually steal anything, so I’m assuming she was telling the truth and was trying to retrieve a stolen something or another, but like…come on. There has got to be a better way of dealing with this crap then going up to random strangers and forcibly going through their stuff. Like…what the hell.

So that was my night. I’m annoyed. Welcome to my blog. Enjoy your stay.


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