When Giant Ducks (And Diets) Attack

And when I say attack, I think I just mean exist.



So yeah, that’s how I spent my Canada Day long weekend. Actually, I spent most of it just relaxing in my room eating a whole bunch of food that I probably shouldn’t be eating. I’m a big boredom eater, but I’m…working on it. My goal is ultimately to lose ten pounds by the end of the summer, so I’ll need to get back on the diet wagon…this week I majorly fell off.

But back to the giant duck for just a second…


Uncomfortable close selfie!

I don’t know, there’s just something so hilarious about a giant rubber duck. Plus there was a whole waterfront festival surrounding the big duck, so that was pretty neat. It was so freaking hot out that we didn’t stick around too long to examine all the booths and stuff, but there was–as you’d probably come to expect–duck themed merchandise. Including a shirt that said What The Duck, which I almost bought, because I’m a sucker for ridiculous t-shirts. Luckily I managed to restrain myself, because I did a big eShakti order this morning for more dresses! Have any of you ordered from them before? I love the idea of everything being so customized, so I’m really hoping they work out for me. I’ll be getting a review up when the dresses are in.

So yes, please let me know about your eShakti experiences. Or healthy eating tips. Or duck related tales.

Woo oo!


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