Product Review: Milk Eye Pigment

Folks, this morning was quite the production. Without getting into too much detail, let me just say that today was an adventure that required me to get ready and out of the house as quickly as possible, making it the perfect opportunity to test out the Milk eye pigment I bought earlier in the week. I only had the opportunity to test it on the back of my hand while in the store, and it was incredibly hard to get off there, so as a go-to when I’m in a rush…well, I figured it would be perfect.

The eye pigment comes in a small tube and you only need the tiniest of amounts to create big impact. What I especially liked was that it really did not budge once I put it on. You have maybe a minute to do any blending or playing around with it before it sets completely and stays. Today was a disgustingly hot day, and even though I was sweating bullets, it stayed in place.


The colour I chose was Silent Disco, which is a kind of brownish/purple-y shade with just a little bit of sparkle, but the product comes in a wide variety of colours and I’ll definitely be picking up more in the future.

As for getting this stubborn stuff off at the end of the day…actually, that wasn’t too bad. My normal make up wipes took most of the product off, so I’d definitely say it’s the perfect combination of fast and easy to use, stylish, and super convenient. Personally, being unable to remove a product at the end of the night is a bit of a turn off—who wants to struggle with that when you just want to crawl into bed. Basically, this is the perfect product for when you’re running late and you need to spice up your make up look. I recommend picking this up the next time you’re going on a make up run.

Got any recommendations for me? Let me know if you think there’s a product I should check out in the comments below!


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