Product Review: GRAVITYMUD™ Firming Treatment Sonic Blue Collectible Edition

So…I guess I’m a sucker for a marketing gimmick, because I saw Sonic the Hedgehog face mask and was immediately all over that. Not because I’m a huge Sonic fan or anything—it just seemed like such an unlikely combination that I couldn’t say no.

To be clear, I know the packaging has nothing to do with the product inside—and we’ll get to that shortly—but there’s something to be said for marketing. And this marketing…was baffling. But I guess it worked because as we speak, I have a lot of blue gunk on my face.


The first thing that stuck out to me when I opened the cap on this one was the smell. This does not smell yummy, which I guess is fitting, because a highly active hedgehog like Sonic probably wouldn’t smell like sunshine and roses in real life. It, and by extension I have to assume Sonic, smells of highly synthetic blueberry. Like a child’s lip balm, or medicine. I mean, it’s tolerable, but it’s not exactly appealing. This would not be my-go to mask for a relaxing spa day. The second thing I noticed was just how fast it dries—you have a very limited amount of time to really spread it out before it starts to solidify. This somehow makes it even messier during the application process, since you’re constantly squeezing out more and more to get it nice and even. Once it’s on though, it’s on. I have my glasses on, and there is not a trace of blue on them.

So now I’m going to wait fifteen minutes and we’ll see what on earth is going on with my skin under this video game themed face mask.


Well, I’m back and I have to say I’m…not impressed. I mean, as masks go it wasn’t terrible, but as far as convenience goes, I’m still a sheet mask girl all the way. The mask peeled off as advertised at Sephora, but rather than coming off in one neat piece, I had to peel off several smaller sections, which was kind of fun and oddly satisfying at first, but quickly became frustrating. Picking at my skin when I’m trying to help it out seems counter-intuitive anyways, so I washed the rest of it off with warm water.

Immediately, I noticed my skin felt drier. My skin isn’t as oily as it once was when I was a teenager, but I can definitely see younger!me being a fan of that. Present day!me is fine with it, though it did make some of my red spots redder. Definitely don’t use this if you already have dry skin, no matter what it says online. My skin also felt much tighter, which is what the mask is supposed to do, so on that front, A+.

Even though it works more or less as advertised, the hassle of getting it on and the smell was a big turn off for me. I’ll use up the rest of the bottle, but I don’t think I’ll be making a second purchase any time soon.

As experiments go, this one was fun, if a little confusing. Still not sure why Sonic of all things, but I have to ask–what video game character do you think should get their own skin care line?



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