Lootcrate Review: The Harry Potter Wizarding World Crate

This is only the second Lootcrate I’ve ever ordered and after the first one—the Dark Arts themed crate—I decided to cancel, because after hearing rave reviews about all the products, receiving some cat plates and stationary was less than satisfactory for me. With that in mind, the Defence Against the Dark Arts crate came in the mail yesterday and there was definitely an improvement in the products offered. Not enough for me to set up my subscription again, but…let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised after last time’s disappointment.

The first thing that I absolutely adored was the pen modeled after Snape’s wand. I already have an actual wand-sized version of this wand since Snape is my favourite Harry Potter character, so this little guy is a welcome addition to my collection.

Next up are the bookends that look like the stone guards from Hogwarts. Though they clearly aren’t the highest quality, I did just get a new bookshelf, so I’m now using it to support my Harry Potter books. So…yay for keeping everything thematic? Hey, whatever works.

There’s also a DADA countercurse t-shirt which is going to be added to my PJ pile as soon as it runs through the wash. I’m definitely a nerdy t-shirt kind of gal, but I usually like them to have something funny on them. Still, the shirt itself is very soft and probably ridiculously comfortable, which is everything I ask my pyjamas to be.

I wish I knew what to do with my enamel pins. The one from the Dark Arts box was beautiful, and the DADA one is also just lovely. It’s shaped like the Gaunt ring and it’s really nice but I don’t really wear denim jackets or anything on a daily basis. I really want to show them off…maybe I’ll pin them to my bag. They’re a bit too heavy for my cardigans. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below because I’d really like to get some use out of these things.

And I can’t say no to a Dumbledore’s Army notebook. It’s small and convenient to carry around in my purse, though I haven’t decided what I’ll actually use it for yet. I do love to write though, so I’m sure it will be used for something.

Finally, there are Patronus cutouts you can use for shadow puppets which…yay? I have a feeling that unless I need to trace a deer shape any time soon, I won’t be hanging on to these.

Did you get the Harry Potter crate? What did you think of it? Was I fool for unsubscribing? Will I lose everything?


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