Product Review: Kat Von D Lock It In Setting Powder


Guys, I just started using this last week and I’m absolutely in love. I may not be on board with Kat Von D’s foundation, which I found very thick and not at all pleasing on the skin, but her setting powder is…wow.

The first thing I noticed was how it looked underneath my eyes. I always find that place to be the most troublesome for concealer/powder, but it actually looked pretty good…and stayed looking pretty good, which is even more important.

It’s smooth, full coverage which seems to go great over top of just about any foundation I’ve tried it with (currently using Tarte, which you can read a review of by clicking here). It doesn’t look super powdery once it’s on, which has always been the bane of my makeup existence. I hate looking and feeling like I’m wearing a mask, and I didn’t find this powder just sat on top of the skin the way some others do.

The only negative…and I want to stress that I can’t actually prove this…is that when it gets caught under my glasses, it irritates the skin slightly. I tend to wear contact lenses anyways, so this isn’t a huge issue for me, and even when I do wear my glasses, I just don’t heavily apply it in that area. As I said above, I can’t really prove that the two are even related, but they did start up around the same time, so I’m going to assume that’s the case. Also, as a loose powder, it can get a bit messy. I may switch to the pressed powder down the line just because some time spent in a suitcase did not do wonders for the products usability.

Still, I consider these things relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. Definitely worth checking out if you’re hunting for an amazing setting powder.


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