Tea and Vines

I’m discovering that getting together with friends during the summer is surprisingly difficult. Maybe it’s just because I’m one of the few single ones left in my group so I don’t have someone to enjoy the sunshine with (that is, if the rain would just stop for two seconds oh my god this summer has been the worst), but actually wrangling everyone together for a weekend activity has been a challenge.

Which is why, last Friday afternoon, my friends and I finally managed to get together for tea. Not at an expensive restaurant or swanky hotel—who the hell has time and money for that—but at a friend’s apartment. Everyone divided up what was needed (scones, tiny sandwiches, and uh….tea. Obviously) and we came together for what ended up being a hilarious evening of catching up and laughing until I was in physical pain. The top two teas were probably Cream of Earl Grey, which is absolutely delicious, and Buddha’s Blend, which smells amazing.


Then again, I shouldn’t make it sound like this was a super classy affair. We definitely wound up watching Vine compilations and laughing hysterically. Because in the age of the Internet, what else are you going to do with your spare time?

And with that in mind, here are 4 Vines that (apparently) go well with tea.

What are some fun summer activities you and your friends get up to? Let me know in the comments section!


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