Dresses with Pockets: My eShakti Experience




That’s what first lured me into the hallowed halls of eShakti. The promise of dresses with pockets, and boy did they ever deliver.

So let’s start from the beginning. I ordered two dresses from eShakti and used their custom sizing option instead of the pre-selected sizes. For an extra $10, why not have something made specifically to fit you? You can also sleeve and dress length. This involved measuring yourself pretty much from top to bottom to get the exact measurements, and god help you if there’s something that seems a little off to them.



While I can’t fault customer service for being too on the ball, it’s worth noting that eShakti really gets on your ass if a measurement looks wrong to them. First I got an email, which…fine. I was at work, so I figured I’d just send in the measurement when I got home. THEN I got a call, which I missed because—again—at work. And then a few hours later I got another email saying my order would be cancelled if I didn’t send in the new measurement. Luckily by then I was home, but seriously eShakti customer service. Chill. You didn’t even give me a day to respond. Still, this is better than non-existent customer service, just…be sure your numbers are accurate when you make your order. It will save you some trouble.

The wait time was only a couple weeks and they do send you tracking information so if you’re obsessive like me, you can check it multiple times per day for any signs of movement.

When the package was finally in my hands it…smelled like manure. I want to stress that I don’t blame eShakti for that, because it was legitimately the mail man. Dude stunk up the place like he’d just come from working on a farm. Once I was done trying things on just to make sure they fit (there was much breath holding while this was going on), I threw them right in the wash and discarded the packaging immediately.

The fit themselves is alright. It’s slightly too big, but not enough that it’s really noticeable unless you’re wearing it. Here, take a look.

Please ignore the messy room

What do you think? I’m assuming I must have done the shoulders a fraction of an inch too wide or something, but other than that, I am super pleased with the final product.

I’ll definitely be going back to eShakti, and soon. I think I’ll try out their pre-selected sizing this time, just to see if there’s a noticeable difference. They have a lovely selection in a wide variety of sizes, and there are so many customizable options, you’re sure to find the dress perfect for you.

Plus like I said…..pocketsssssssss.

Have you shopped at eShakti? Share your experience in the comments below!


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