Indulge the Monster In You With Makeup Monster Cosmetics

Note: you should totally listen to this song while reading the review. Just to keep the monster theme going.

I’m back again with another review, and this time I’m tackling Makeup Monster Cosmetics. I’ve seen their products all over Instagram and was immediately taken with them….mostly because monsters, but also because of this photo in particular.

Everything about this is a look I love, so when it came time to purchase, Redwood was the first one to add to the cart. The second was Victorian Velvet, mostly because of the name. As we’ve established in the past, I’m apparently a sucker for marketing, and I love anything remotely Victorian.

feature (2).png



First of all, I need to point out that when the package arrived, the lipsticks came in individual cardboard coffins. That sound you hear is my heart growing three sizes, Grinch-style. What a cute, gothy idea to really put you in the mood for a creepy good time. A+ Makeup Monster. A freaking plus.

But let’s move onto the product itself—first of all, the applicator has a little tip to it, which…can everyone just start doing this? It makes creating a precise edge so much easier. So far, so good.

The product itself is fast drying and thanks to the aforementioned applicator, super easy to apply. I didn’t have to wait too long before I could drink or eat. I had a bottle of iced tea that morning and only a very little bit came off on the rim, so clearly this stuff has great holding power.

It’s when it came time to eat lunch that the product faltered, but only a little bit. Salad dressing and matte liquid lipsticks rarely mesh well, and I did have to go to the bathroom after eating to clean up the edges and reapply. Post-touch up, the product went back to lasting all day without smudging.

Finally, we have to talk about the work out, because I am a sweaty, disgusting mess when I go to the gym. There is no gracefulness here my friends, and thankfully the lipstick held up in spite of the grossness going on.

Getting it off at the end of the day was also super easy, as a couple of swipes with my makeup wipes made fast work of it. I’m really glad I didn’t spend forever scrubbing it off like I’ve had to do with some other products. Is there anything worse when you just want to go to bed already?

Overall, I’d definitely recommend their products. Just watch out for the salad dressing.

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Wearing Redwood

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