Atomic Blonde Looks Cool…But That’s Sort of It

Okay, so I’m going to start off by saying that as fun as this movie was, it wasn’t perfect. I didn’t leave the theatre with that John Wick excitement and it didn’t give me that post-movie adrenaline rush you sometimes get when you’ve seen something fantastic. I was not motivated to kick ass any more than I usually am when I see Charlize Theron (she’s just so cool you guys. She naturally exudes an aura of bad assery). In spite of this, it was still plenty of fun, so if you go in with the right expectations, you’ll probably enjoy yourself.

I think the biggest difference between Atomic Blonde and other action movies is that the action really feels brutal. Lorraine doesn’t shrug off injuries and only gets more beat up and worn down as the movie progresses. You really get the impression that she is aching to her very bones, but she keeps kicking ass and that is wonderful. The fight scenes themselves were actually pretty great, and you can tell everyone worked their butts off to make it look fantastic.

Visually, this film is stunning. Between the spray paint aesthetic, the cool tones, the clothes—it all comes together for a unique look. The soundtrack is also amazing. Search it up on Spotify or something, even if you aren’t planning on seeing the movie, because A+ to whoever brought such great music together. I think I’m going to be listening to this for many a slow work day to come.


So what dragged the movie down? Well, the plot itself was sort of…meh. I didn’t find it hard to follow, though I have heard some people complain about that. If anything, aside from some ending twists which didn’t really move me either way, I found the plot a bit predictable. No, it’s more that it just wasn’t terribly interesting at times. I’m not usually a spy film sort of gal, so the familiar tropes didn’t suck me in. If anything, I felt the trailer really hinted at some subversions of spy tropes and was disappointed when it failed to deliver.

And speaking of tropes….we’re veering into spoiler territory here, so skip this paragraph if you want to avoid plot details. Bury your gays definitely comes out in full force. Pretty much everyone gets killed off in this film, especially if they’re close with Lorraine, but the fact that she’s killed in her underwear in her bedroom while everyone else died in an actual fight…definitely left me feeling uncomfortable about the whole Delphine situation in general. Her character was just used by everyone, even Lorraine, from the very beginning. She deserved better.


Overall, this is a film that looks really cool, but doesn’t have a lot going for it, story-wise. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking to watch some bad ass fight scenes but don’t mind shutting your brain off.

Also, Charlize Theron guys. She’s just so cool.



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