I’m Not Dead! Here is Some Stuff I’ve Written

Whoa, I’m actually updating this blog for once? I know, I’m shocked too. I should probably explain where the hell I was, but I don’t really have an explanation beyond being lazy.  Want to know what I’ve been up to? Here are a few recent posts I’ve done for PopWrapped.

Is There A Female Thor in the MCU’s Future?

I highly, highly doubt this will ever happen. Marvel can’t even get their shit together over a Black Widow movie, and she’s a well established character. Still, it’s interesting to imagine.

The Addams Family Is Making A Comeback

*Snap snap* I’m so very excited to see my favourite creepy family return to the big screen…I only wish it wasn’t the guy behind Sausage Party making it.

The Batman ’66 Universe May Continue Without Adam West

Adam West may have left us, but that doesn’t mean the ’66 Universe is done for.

Harry Potter’s House Is For Sale

Want to own a key part of Potter history? You can take up residence in Lily and James Potter’s house…just try to avoid getting killed by the Dark Lord.

Good Omens Miniseries Will Use Details From Unpublished Sequel

I am so excited for this TV show. Outside of Harry Potter, Good Omens is my favorite book, so getting more casting news and bonus content is a dream come true!


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