Homei’s Weekly Gel Nail Set Does Not Live Up To It’s Promise


So, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I don’t even have a good reason—just laziness.

I didn’t say I was proud.

But I’m back, and with that means a brand new review, this time for a matter near and dear to my heart. And by heart I mean fingernails. And by near, I definitely mean on. So let’s talk about Homei’s Weekly Gel Nail Starter Set.

Everything about it seems great on the surface. It has all the benefits of gel nail polish, without the hassle of trying to get it off when you’re sick of it. The polish only takes roughly 60 seconds to set under the LED lights and the colours are bright, vibrant, and look really nice when dry. Plus, when you’re done with it, it literally just peels off. What’s not to like?


Actually, it’s the peel off part that’s part of the trouble…because it works a little too well. The product—as the name suggests—is supposed to last one week. In reality, it lasts about twenty-four hours. That is, if you plan to go about any sort of normal, day to day tasks. All it takes is rummaging around your purse or an hour at the gym and you’re guaranteed to lose a nail or two. I’ve tried this product multiple times and even when I’m at my most careful—which, let’s be honest, you really shouldn’t have to be in the first place—the polish barely lasts a full day.

That’s not to say that Homei’s set is completely without it’s uses. Like I said, it’s really fast to apply, and I can see this set being perfect if you need something quick yet presentable for a night out or a party. But for a normal week where you just want your nails to look fancy…I’d skip this.

Have you tried Homei’s Weekly Gel Nail Starter Set? Let me know in the comments what your experience with it was like?



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