Rituel De Fille: A Long Overdue Review

So it’s been a while.

A long while.

I might technically be dead, that’s how long it’s been.


But I’m back, and I’m making it my tentative goal to write something on here once per week—given my track record though, don’t get too excited.

Today’s review has actually been a long time coming. I bought these products three months ago, and in the back of my head I’ve been like “write a review, write a review, write a review” but then life and anxiety and (let’s be really honest here) laziness took hold and I just wound up marathoning YouTube videos instead.

The story actually starts with a YouTube binge, because I discovered the existence of Rituel De Fille from one of my many spirals down the rabbit hole that is make up videos, in this case, Safiya Nygaard’s “Anti-Highlighter” review.

Now, I love witchy themed things. I was never quite full goth—even at the age of 28, I tend to hover around Hot Topic levels of “darkness”—but I do have a fondness for things in that genre. So after watching the above video and checking out the brand’s website (which is amazing), I knew I had to acquire some Rituel De Fille products.

I went with the Inner Glow Crème Pigment: Eclipse (aka, the aforementioned “anti-highlighter”) and then added their Enchanted Lip Sheer in the colour Swarm on a whim…mostly because all the photos on their website are just so gorgeous, I couldn’t resist! When I finally got the products, I was actually surprised by how…small the packaging was? Then again, once you get this stuff on, you discover a little really goes a long way.

8e9d14e75f6db4ea3dba25acc0d7d5bb_1600x.jpgLet’s start with the Inner Glow Crème Pigment, because while that’s the one I was most excited for, it’s also the one I’m still having trouble with, and I’m pretty sure I’m the issue here. So even though it’s being touted as an anti-highlighter, I’ve been using it primarily on my eyes…and I love it! The colour is amazing, it’s super simple to apply, and it looks great…for about half an hour. Guys, I have no idea how to make this stuff not crease horribly. I’ve never really used cream eyeshadow or anything remotely like this before. Google searches have told me to use primer—but I already do that. I wound up lightly powdering it, which does help it keep its place, but loses that liquid-y/tacky effect that I really like about it. I mean, that’s the whole reason I bought the product in the first place!

Still, I can’t deny it looks really cool, so if you know what the hell you’re actually doing, it’s definitely worth picking up.

Also, if you have tips…for the love of god, help me.

As for the lip sheer—the colour is amazing. In spite of its name, it’s actually super vibrant and like I said before, a little goes a really long way. I find it super easy to accidentally put too much of this product on because I go in thinking it’s going to be very…well, sheer…when it’s not. Here’s a photo of the first time I wore it.

final-swarm-swirl-swatch_1600x.jpgThe only drawback is that I tend to have super dry lips, and while this isn’t super drying, I didn’t find it as moisturizing as the web site claimed it would be. It didn’t make my mouth a desert or anything, but it also didn’t really change things either way. Still, considering how awesome the colour turned out, I’m already eyeing more lip sheers on their website. Blackthorn maybe? Hmm?

Overall, I’m a fan of Rituel De Fille. Their aesthetic is appealing, their products are pretty good quality, and once I figure out how to master the anti-highlighter, I think we’ll have a strong bond going.

…but seriously, if you have advice, let me know in the comments. Please. I really want to make this work!


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