A Spooky Good Time

Hello my friends, it’s been a while.

Which I always say, but now there will be more posts because now…I have a schedule! Ideas! A plan of attack! Not entirely sure what I’m attacking, but the plan is there.

So, let’s talk about what I did this weekend, because unlike most weekends, it doesn’t involve lounging in m pyjamas while falling down a weird YouTube hole I later come to regret when I’m 6 hours in and watching a top 5 list about real life cannibals.

No, instead of people eating people, I went on an adventure. An adventure featuring witchcraft, cemeteries, nature, and of course alcohol.

I had a fun weekend.

Hocus Pocus

I first heard Toronto had a witchcraft-themed bar when blogTO’s video about Hocus Pocus was making the rounds on my Facebook feed. My friends and I have similar tastes, so I just kept seeing it. The video promised not only merchandise for those interested in the occult and witchy things in general, but themed cocktails…with dry ice to make things extra spooky!

So naturally, I was in almost immediately and roped in two of my friends. Looking back at our conversation, my exact words were

we need to go to the witch bar sometime in June. I’ve decided that needs to be a thing.

And so, after many witch-themed gifs swapped back and forth, we picked a date and time and got our butts over there.

The place is wonderful and pretty much everything you’d expect from a witch-themed establishment. For the magically inclined folk, there are actual occult supplies to buy like candles, books, herbs, and tarot cards. For those who just enjoy the atmosphere, they have witch hats hanging from the ceiling, skulls and skeletons everywhere, art depicting Frankenstein and Edward Scissorhands on the walls, and oh yes, the witch-themed cocktails.


Unfortunately, they were out of dry ice when we arrived so there were no smokey effects on our potions, but they still had the shimmer effects and were really, really good. Dangerously good.

Magically good?


I had the Maleficent (pictured below and selected because obviously) and the Witch’s Heart.


I have no idea what this cocktail was called, but my friend got it and look at what it came in!


They also had Supernatural marathoning in the background, which lead me on a rant about how much I hated Jensen Ackles’ character on Dark Angel and it is a grudge I hold to this. Very. Day.


Which is why I took a photo of…the other one.

Look, I don’t watch Supernatural. Every time I do, I can’t help but think that Buffy would have taken care of things better and faster. Fight me, I don’t care.


Still, I do appreciate a dedication to a theme, and we had an absolute blast. I am definitely going back there, and soon.

Going for a Walk

In an effort to be a real life human with a social life and stuff (what? who? me? what?) I joined Meetup. I actually a signed up a while ago to join a Harry Potter group, but it fell apart shortly after I joined and I hadn’t really used my account since…until recently. This weekend, I went on a walk. With a bunch of strangers.


giphy (1)

Look, I’m not a social creature, but that’s something I’m working on, so…walking time. Sunday afternoon we all headed for a walk through Balfour Ravine & Mt. Pleasant Cemetery and honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Actually, it was quite beautiful.

I didn’t make any life long friends or anything like that, but it did feel like I accomplished something instead of wasting my day inside. It was beautiful out and I had some nice chats with different people.

And some…kind of stupid ones.

It’s Hank Freaking Pym

Story time children!

Along with make up, you’ve probably noticed that I like me some science fiction, fantasy, and horror. “Geeky” stuff, I guess, though the more I’m on the internet and encounter people who wear that title like it somehow makes them better than everyone, the less I want to use it.

Anyways, I found myself in a group of guys talking about Infinity War and what we wanted to see in the next Avengers movie, because what else do you talk about while walking through a cemetery Sunday afternoon? One of the guys whose name I think I blocked out as a form of self protection, declared that he wanted to see Ant Man and “the guy who trained him.”

Person: What was his name again?

Me: Hank Pym.

Person: No, the guy who trained Paul Rudd in the first movie, what was his name again?

Me: The character is Hank Pym.

Person: I just can’t remember his name. He taught him to use the suit to shrink down and…

Me: …Pym?

Another guy who finally sighs because I think this conversation hurt his brain, his soul, and possibly his spleen: Hank Pym.

Person: That’s it!

Me: I literally said that like three times!


Luckily(?) everyone laughed, but like…come on my dude. Use your ears and trust that I’m not lying for funsies. This person would later go on to complain whenever the group stopped to look at an old monument or an interesting tombstone, declaring “I want to explore!”

How do you explore a cemetery without caring about the tombstones and whatnot? I don’t know. Maybe he had a shovel stashed away somewhere.


Hey, everyone needs a friend!

Anyways…what did you get up to this weekend? Did anything spooky happen, like spells or cemeteries or just really really stupid people? Let me know!


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