I Tried the New Diet Coke Flavours And Here I Am Writing About It For Some Reason

Two posts in one week? Madness, I say, madness!

But we need to talk. Specifically, we need to talk about the new flavours of Diet Coke. Why? Because I’m a big diet soda drinker, so I’m interested in this. I’m also hilariously late to the party, because these new flavours were launched a while ago. Still, we’re here and I’ve tried ‘em, so let’s chat.

Disclaimer: Coke has nothing to do with this review, because good lord, why would they?


Diet Mango Coke

Surprisingly okay, though there isn’t much in the flavouring that tastes like Coke. Honestly, it just tastes like a mango soda.

I’m fine with that.


Diet Cherry Coke

Probably embalming fluid.


Diet Blood Orange Coke

Definitely embalming fluid.


Diet Ginger Lime Coke

Pretty sure this is just shitty ginger ale.


Normal Diet Coke

This isn’t new.

I don’t know why I included it on this list.

It tastes the same.

But you know, there is comfort in familiarity. Also, it’s still the best flavour on this list, so there’s that.



Has anyone made one of those personality/tag yourself memes based on the new Diet Coke flavours? Somehow feels like a missed opportunity.

In all honestly though, the thing that surprised me the most was how most of these didn’t have any Diet Coke taste to them at all. I mean, I know I called out mango specifically, because that’s the one I was worried about the most when I bought it, but…I don’t think any actual Diet Coke came into play at any point.

So, mango wins, I guess. Round of applause for you, mango. You’ve won the Diet Coke Hunger Games.

giphy (2).gif


Wasn’t that exciting? Aren’t you glad I spelled everything out for you so neatly? If you have any strong Diet Coke opinions—and doesn’t everyone, really—let me know. Otherwise, I’m just talking to myself about diet soda and that would be pretty sad, wouldn’t it?

Ha ha.





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