5 Videos That Always Cheer Me Up

Hey, so just about every aspect of the last two weeks has been pretty crap. Not just in terms of the news, but in my own life it just feels like there is a lot going on.

So, naturally, I fall down YouTube holes. Sometimes they are super weird ones, sometimes they are funny. But here are five videos that I can always turn to if I need to smile, and fast.

Voltaire and Ego Likeness Sing Phantom of the Opera

Voltaire is always a great source of laughs, but this particular video always makes me laugh. Afterwards, I inevitably want to grab some friends and have a karaoke outing of our own….though I don’t know that we’re as talented or hilarious.

Postmodern Jukebox Covers Talk Dirty to Me

I mean, PMJ covers are always great, but add in Klezmer and a rap in Yiddish and you have the makings of something hilarious. I’d say something about “the song of  my people,” but I don’t think I’d ever want to show this to my grandmother.

Laughing At Criminal “Masterminds”

Can you guess what crimes these people committed based on their mugshots? I can, now that I’ve watched this video a million times. I think my personal favourite is the last one, though they are all pretty hilarious.

A Day In A Crazy Scarf

I mean, it’s hard to argue with any of Safiya Nygaard’s videos, but this one in particular always makes me chuckle. I especially like when Tyler tells her not to die because it would be “a stupid obituary.” Definitely worth the watch if you want to see someone spend the day in something ridiculous.

Lucas the Spider Wants to Come Inside

The main downside to this one is that after you watch it, YouTube seems to think you want to see real life spiders. I don’t, YouTube, and I never will. Still, “okay, I’ll just go sleep in the shed” is a pretty funny line.


Those are five videos I always turn to when I’m feeling down. Do you have any funny videos to share? Let me know!


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