Hey, Remember Grease?

Hey, remember Grease? I barely did, to be honest. I mean, I knew the songs and I remembered the infamous ending—girl changes herself for a guy before inexplicably escaping with him in a flying car—but beyond that, I didn’t have much stored away in my memory, especially compared to some other musicals whose stories I adored alongside the good music.

So, when a friend suggested we go see Grease, I actually kind of jumped on it. I do really like the songs, and I figured I could use a refresher on the storyline itself.

The play, as it turns out, was very different from what I remembered of the movie. The songs were in different order than I remembered, the characters seemed…meaner? I guess? Then in the movie version. Overall, I was left surprised.

Don’t get me wrong—I had a lot of fun! The songs are still great (I love You’re The One That I Want and Freddy My Love), the acting was good, the dancing was fun, and overall I had a great night. It just definitely wasn’t what I expected, and I know I wasn’t alone. Even the woman at the merch counter said that she didn’t realize how different the play was from the movie.

Oh, and Michelle from Destiny’s Child was Teen Angel. That was unexpected. I mean, her face is on the poster outside the theatre which I walk by every day on the way home from work, so I guess that’s my bad for being oblivious, but that was still a fun surprise. She had a small performance after the show as well where she danced with the audience, so that was pretty cool as well.

As for the play itself? Well, the story—while not exactly what I remember—was still pretty similar. I felt this version did a better job at making Sandy at least seem somewhat unhappy with her lot in life, so her change made a bit more sense instead of her just changing her personality for Danny. Don’t get me wrong, she definitely does that too so I’m not letting the story off the hook, but on stage it felt a bit less…icky.

The songs are still the strongest point for me. I definitely wanted to get up and dance around—managed to restrain myself, which I’m sure everyone is thankful for—so it definitely encouraged me to give the soundtrack a listen. Everyone was extremely talented and put on a great show.

If you’re in Toronto, make sure to go see Grease while you still can. I promise, it was a lo of fun, even without the flying car.



One thought on “Hey, Remember Grease?

  1. I first saw the movie of Grease in elementary school. I remember “We Go Together” being my favorite song because of the funny lyrics.

    June 16th: I saw Grease at Central Piedmont Community College. CPCC did a well-done job at Grease and they know how to make their shows feel more than college productions. Grease on stage has some songs that are not in the movie. I only own two of the songs, but after seeing it live, I want to know the rest of the songs now.


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