You Might Be The Killer Isn’t Perfect, But It Is Pretty Fun

I’d apologize for the lack of updates, but that’s how I always start these things lately, so let’s just cut to the chase: obviously, I can’t be trusted to update regularly, but since I’m here…Happy Halloween, friends! I’ve had plenty of Halloween-related fun, but I’m here today to talk about You Might Be The Killer, a film I saw at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

Based on a Twitter thread between Chuck Wendig and Sam Sykes, the movie doesn’t follow the story of the conversation beat for beat, but it hits all the major points to create a fun horror comedy that isn’t perfect but is a pretty good time. I’ll be getting in to some spoilers, so this is your warning.

The first thing the movie definitely got right was not playing coy about the killer’s identity. If the movie had gone on and on with Sam as the murderer as some sort of surprise reveal it would have grown tiresome really fast—plus, that would make the title a bit…silly.


Wait, who was the killer?

Fran Kranz makes for a hilarious lead—not that this should be a surprise to anyone, between Cabin in the Woods and Dollhouse, he’s already proven himself to be adept at balancing humour with emotional struggle.

Alyson Hannigan also needs no introduction and I’ve been a fan since Buffy. While Chuck isn’t quite the same brand of nerd as Willow was, it was fun to see her return to the world of magic and the supernatural, even if it was mostly just to fill the audience in on what was going on, without interacting with any of the other characters.


The two leads are really what make the movie work, and where it falls apart…well, I was more or less with the movie until they got to the matter of the Final Girl. I expected the character of Imani to return—that was in the original Twitter thread—and when it had both her and Nancy fight for their right to make it out alive…I guess I was hoping for more. To have the movie examine what purity meant in a way that was both interesting and funny, and I think they were almost on to something, with Nancy being so willing to murder Imani and then her taking on the cursed mask at the end. I just felt more could have been done, perhaps by having the two girls play off each other more than they had a chance to.

As the movie moved along to its resolution, I found myself wishing I knew more about Nancy, about what it meant that she had the mask now and the implications of that. It was definitely an unexpected twist—honestly, I was convinced Chuck would somehow be the Final Girl—but it felt like there was something missing.

Case and point, I had to go back and change her name after writing this review, because I kept calling her Laura.


I can’t even find a half decent photo of the character, so here she is with  bunch of other people.

The majority of the movie, however, was a fun ride. The body counter was a great way to play around with the timeline, and the running gags were funny without being overdone. I doubt the premise could stretch to a sequel, but the open ending was actually a great place to stop, allowing the audience to enjoy the possibilities instead of ending on a downer.

You Might Be the Killer has already aired on SyFy, and if it re-airs, I definitely recommend checking it out. It may not be perfect, but it has enough fun moments to make it worth your while.



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